My name is Ingrid Vermeulen and I was born in Amsterdam, Holland.

I didn’t grow up with music and started singing later in life aswell as discovering my voice.

In 2008 I came back to the Netherlands after having worked abroad for many years as a ski instructor, when I met my then future teacher James McCray from the then ‘International Studio of Vocal Arts’ in The Hague.

Shortly after our first meeting I started studying technic with James, and not long after that, I started studying repertoire with Prizrenka Petkovic aswell.

In the following years I have worked on repertoire with Peter Nilsson, Juan Zurutuza and Gilbert den Broeder among others.

Aside from these collaborations I have taken lessons and followed masterclasses with the Rumanian Baritone Theodore Coresi,  Catarina Lal, Martin Vacha and Claudia Visca.

At this moment Vienna is my residence, where I take singing lessons with Martin Vacha and work on repertoire with Nina Violetta Aichner.

Meanwhile I also work in Holland with Jeroen Sarphati on repertoire and with Selma Harkink on development and maintenance of my voice.

Through the years I have sung many concerts all through Europe and the VS.

For more information or bookings you can contact me here: