My name is Ingrid Vermeulen and I was born in Amsterdam, Holland.

I didn’t grow up with music and started singing later in life aswell as discovering my voice.

In 2008 I came back to the Netherlands after having worked abroad for many years as a ski instructor, when I met my then future teacher James McCray from the then ‘International Studio of Vocal Arts’ in The Hague.

Shortly after our first meeting I started studying technic with James, and not long after that, I started studying repertoire with Prizrenka Petkovic aswell.

In the following years I have worked on repertoire with Peter Nilsson, Juan Zurutuza and Gilbert den Broeder among others.

Aside from these collaborations I have taken lessons and followed masterclasses with the Rumanian Baritone Theodore Coresi and the aswell Rumanian Soprano Catarina Lal, in both Vienna and Rumania.

At this moment Vienna is my residence, where I still take lessons from T. Coresi, and whilst being in Amsterdam, from the American Ira Siff.

Through the years I have sung many concerts all through Europe and the VS.

For more information or bookings you can contact me here: